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November 30, 2011

i picked up this adorable little number online on cyber monday and can't wait until it arrives! i'm thinking i will pair it with some skinnies and booties. or if i want to dress it up a bit, i'll throw on flared dress pants and bright pumps. oooo, the possibilities are endless!

fisherman sweater ae
i am a HUGE fan of girl-ing up men's clothing.

on black friday i saw this warm, wintery sweater and just had to have it. for its big debut, i kept it simple with some skinnies and riding boots. then i swept my hair up into a Carrie Bradshaw bun and was ready to go!

sales rule.

santa baby

November 27, 2011
we gave it our all for this year's {cheesy} holiday photo. well, obviously...

flying high

November 21, 2011
jacket f21, tunic h&m, scarf charming charlies, boots dsw, earrings f21

when it's too cold outside...

November 17, 2011

style according to...

November 14, 2011


There are two things that are very important to me when it comes to fashion; (1) it has to be comfy and (2) it has to be affordable! I love expressing myself through my personal sense of style and I've found that it's really easy to have a fun and unique wardrobe on a budget.

I'm often inspired by fashion bloggers, magazines and some of my favorite shows for fashion ideas. My favorite places to shop are the thrift store, forever21 and urban outfitters. Tip: If your favorite stores are a little too pricey for your pocket, always keep an eye on their sale items and sign up for their newsletter to receive any special offers or discounts!

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November 11, 2011

If you want to be happy, be.  ~Leo Tolstoy


lately i feel like a frumpy, old doofus. this is quite unfortunate since the best and most delicious food of the year is on its way for the holiday season. darn it. dang it. drats. what is a girl to do. 

decked out for Christmas

November 8, 2011

i did it. took me all but three hours to complete the Christmas decorating this past saturday. jake-ster originally said that i had to wait until at least november 15th. well, as luck would have it, he decided to watch some tv in bed on saturday morning. ever so quietly i excused myself from the comfort of our cozy bed and snuck down to begin my dirty work. i even managed to haul up the tree box which i swear weighs more than me. when he finally came down, i said, "see what trouble i get into when you let me out of your sight?" i believe he has learned his lesson for next year.

style according to...

November 4, 2011


fashion, for me, is taking chances but feeling comfortable while doing it. i find inspiration in mostly vintage, retro styles. i love finding a treasure and imagining myself wearing it in its original era... it brings me to a happy place!  I'm a little bit floral crazy and i love love textures!!! I definately love mixing it up, from super girly, to granny chic, to bohemian, to rustic charm...i kind of go crazy sometimes!! but I feel prettiest in a sweet floral girl dress with comfy flats and my hair in waves


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